How I Work

David's focus is supporting people in releasing blocks to fulfillment.

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I have found over the years that it is essential to build a bridge before you can have “traffic” or communication flow. My main focus, from the initial session on, is to establish rapport and trust with my clients. As we proceed in the work together, I often find myself asking, “What do you need?”, or “How can I help?”. My aim is for my clients to feel actively supported and understood as well as deeply respected.

From this base, we can work together to consider options and out of that, an action plan is formed to support the person (or couple or family) in achieving their goals. In a real sense, I am conscious of having each session be relevant to ensure that the person’s needs are met.

Conflict resolution

A lot of what I do fits into the category of Stress Management. An area of living where many people have stress is Relationship Issues and, along with that, there are Communication Issues. If I were asked to boil down Effective Communication into a sentence it would be, “Make it safe to tell the truth and make it safe to ask for what you need.” In concert with this I feel the ABC’s of Ineffective Communication are: Accusation, Blame and Criticism. I support people in clearing the rubble so they have choice to be able to get their needs met through Effective Communication.

inner critic, self communication

Our primary relationship is with our Self so oftentimes the work includes addressing the individual’s “Inner Critic.” Just as there can be the ABC’s of Ineffective Communication there also are the ABC’s of Ineffective Self Communication: Self Accusation, Self Blame and Self Criticism. The core of what I do is to support the individual’s personal empowerment. To get there however, you have to enter the arena of limiting beliefs and self sabotaging programs.

There is a root system to how we view of ourselves and the world. As we Experience Life, we gather data and have Insights about how Life works. The data from our Insights gets sorted and forms our Beliefs. Our Beliefs incline us to make Assumptions and our Assumptions draw Experiences to us. This sequence of processing Life experiences is like a revolving door. It can serve us, for instance, by having a positive relationship with money and the good habits that go with it. However if this process leads to a revolving door of limiting beliefs and self sabotaging programs then we are not being served.

I have been a practitioner of Life Alignment, a system of energy healing since 1993 and am an Advanced Teacher as well as the U.S. coordinator for this work. I utilize this process as a form of body centered psychotherapy to help release limiting beliefs and self sabotaging programs. It takes the talk therapy to a much deeper level. I also find it to be a most effective and non invasive tool, particularly in addressing stress, injury or trauma. That being said, not every client will choose to do Life Alignment and I never impose it as part of my work. It is available as a menu selection.

"Lasting change can occur rapidly with the right tools." Located in Boulder, Colorado. Serving clients from Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield, Erie.